Sunday, March 29, 2015
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A man robs a gas station with an ancient aboriginal boomerang.

Ben, Kris and Jack sit down to analyse what it would be like to be homeless and have to fend for yourself man verse wild style.

The conversation quickly turns to science where Jack explains the theory of Quantum Fluctuation; somewhere, in the dark voids of empty space, random particles can theoretically come together to form creatures. 

It's a fun episode this week and we cordially invite you to come hang out with us.





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On This Episode:

♦ Freedom of or from Religion
♦ Not Retiring At 65
♦ 3rd Amendment
♦ Kim Jung Un
♦ Billy Idol
♦ That Guy From Up

♦ This will make sense in about 10 minutes.  Just listen to the show!

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Showcast Episode 69: Emmy-nominated comic writer and actor Matt Craig joins The Movie Guys for previews of "Gone Girl" and "Annabelle".  Plus, there's a not-at-all-creepy gift exchange and lively rounds of "What Did you See This Week?", 5 Questions and Karen's Birthdays.


The Movie Guys are Paul Preston, Karen Volpe, Adam Witt & Lee Kias

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Games are long and boring, so let's get the MLB to fix it!

News News News: Larry Donnell Wins in Real Football; Loses in Fantasy Football, Detroit Lions Player Injured in Comical Fashion, Major League Baseball Strives to Change Common Perception of Games.

Sketches: Kris Humphries Fall TV Lineup Reviews, Verfiable True Facts: MLB Post Season.

Weird Sportsmen: Howard Hill.



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Willow talks about Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy going for the tag titles, Impact Wrestling is in desperate need of a video game to attract new fans, Maven invades TNA British Boot Camp with the help of his mascot, your #jerktweets are answered, and Iron Shiek At The Movies with the new Kevin Smith movie "Tusk".

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