Friday, July 25, 2014
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An old barbie doll is an omen of things to come...

Inside Nathan’s messy garage the lads convene to reminisce about old TV shows like Samurai Pizza Cats, Biker Mice from Mars and Doctor Who. Jack hates doctor who. The internet will destroy him for his views on the matter.

Suspected drug trafficker Schapelle Corby is in the news this week after her attempted suicide. Her case is analysed and we come to our own verdict on whether she was innocent or guilty. What do you think?


Kris perforated his ear drum this week and gives sage advise on how to avoid damaging your ears when cleaning out earwax, meanwhile Nathan theory crafts about "Brony’s" the middle aged adult men who love My Little Pony. Kris wonders if its okay for us as 28 year old's to watch TV shows about high schools like The Vampire Diaries.





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On this episode, I talk for the hour by myself about a bunch of different stuff. Tune in if you want to hear a guy honing his skills.

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Our newest episode is the real deal. We interview porn star Alexa Aimes who confesses she enjoys gargling urine and my co-host and I get into such a fight... well, it almost ends in assault. IF YOU LISTEN TO ONE EPISODE - LISTEN TO THIS.

#BQWSC - Episode #70: The Pre-Interview

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Glen Joseph, co-owner of Progress Wrestling, is the special guest interview this week. Scott and Tom Anstey (Wrestling Memes) talk to Glen Joseph about his beginnings as a booker, the wild energy of the UK crowds, and bringing life back to the British wrestling scene. Plus, Scott talks about his experience in the UK watching the Chapter Eleven Progress Wrestling show, Korporate Kane offers incentives to compensate for Daniel Bryan not being in the main event at WrestleMania XXX, and Vince McMahon is manually running the switchboard to make the WWE Network function at launch.

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Even Nascar drivers poop.

News News News: Aaron Hernandez Gets Solitary Confinement, Miami Marlins President David Sampson First to be Voted Off Survivor, Ravens 2013 First Round Draft Pick Matt Elam Works Mall Retail.

Sketches: Nascar Driver Terry Weymouth Gets Sponsored by Rally's, Will Kaczynski Shares Some New Baseball Stats.

Weird Sportsmen: Bobby Knight.

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