Friday, October 31, 2014
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On This Episode:
♦ Impeachment talks
♦ YouTube's Time Machine
♦ Marvel Shortcut
♦ Fangles
♦ Whale of a tale
♦ CIA spies on  Senate
♦ What about the shirt?
♦  This will make sense in about 10 minutes.  Check out the show!

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Episode 12 - July 30, 2014 -

On This Episode:
♦ Asking for help after refusing it
♦ Linda Ronstadt
♦ The Governator against Piracy
♦ Global Communications Blackout Scheduled - kinda
♦ Gay people are possessed by WHAT?!?
♦ Stephen A. Smith eats shoe
♦  This will make sense in about 10 minutes.  Check out the show!

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Showcast Episode 60: Just in time for Woody Allen's "Magic in the Moonlight", magician David Minkin joins The Movie Guys in studio to talk movies and blow our minds with a couple of tricks. Plus, previews of "Hercules", "And So It Goes" and "Lucy" with guest co-host, and "Mom On Movies" podcaster Mike J. Nichols, who brings more "Star Wars" archives to the show.

The Movie Guys are Paul Preston, Karen Volpe, Adam Witt & Lee Kias
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Episode 11 - July 28, 2014 - ComiGain?

On This Episode:
♦ Obama's Upbringing
♦ Comicon - Did It Really Happen?
♦ Mad Max Benefit?
♦ Volleyball Has An Audience, And They're Complaining About It
♦ Poor Tulo
♦ Like What On Rice?

♦  This will make sense in about 10 minutes.  Check out the show!

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Comic Con isn't just for nerds, it's also for jock nerds!

News News News: Maria Kirilenko and Alex Ovechkin Call Off the Wedding, 105 Year Old Woman Throws Out Pitch at Padre's Game, Phillies Pitcher Cliff Lee Farts.

Sketches: Johnny Manziel Update Watch Update Interview with Madden '15 Programmer, Washington Nationals' Infielder Anthony Rendon Interview, Comic Con Sports Update.

Weird Sportsmen: Sergey Bubka.

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