Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Quick! Put in some Super Bowl bets immediately based on what the Sports Sports Sports experts reveal!

News News News: Seahawks Reveal Defensive Secrets, The Worst Question in the History of Super Bowl Media Week.

Sketches: Super Bowl Bet Predictions, Super Bowl Concessions Manager Interview, Verifiable True Facts: Super Bowl Edition.

Weird Sportsmen: Joe Namath.

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Ever see commercials that you know aren't telling you the truth?  Or see a product that isn't quite right somehow?  I make fun of a few of those this time out.

That and guess what time it is at my house!


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Captain Phillips was a bit of a wussy! The gang is back together again for an all new p cast where we review the movie Captain Phillips. The question has to be asked, how would you handle Somali pirates?

Have you ever been propositioned sexually in a cinema while watching a movie? Things take a turn for the worse during a screening of Toy Story when some random chick starts offering blow jobs.

China is creating a theme park ride that simulates the final moments on the titanic. Kris wonders is this okay and what will be next?


With the Superb Owl upon us Ben reveals who he thinks will win. Check it out!





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On this edition, Andre and I will discuss the point of no return in a conversation, how much I hate the cold weather, a story about the first day of class, the Sacramento Kings arena situation, Jay Leno, the CM punk saga in the WWE, and possibly a drop-in by a guest or two.

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The hottest heatwave in Australian History! How do you handle the extreme temperatures that are plaguing Australia without perishing.

Jack talks science and answers questions about the expanding universe. We wonder if there is a limited amount of atoms in the universe or is something forming new atoms? 

Why don't the justice league or other super heroes play sports and make some serious coin? How did Justin Bieber get busted throwing eggs and what is the sexiest accent?


Also, can someone explain why muesli is so god damn expensive?



I love you.


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